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Luoma-Sagberg - Awake project Driver behaviour - 11pg

AWAKE (IST-2000-28062) is a 5th Framework research project aimed to increase traffic safety by reducing driver hypovigilance related accidents, through the development of an unobtrusive, reliable system, which monitors the driver and the environment and detects hypovigilance in real time. AWAKE subsystems and overall system were tested in 14 different validation Pilots, aiming to identify system reliability and impact to road safety. In addition, AWAKE developed three different prototypes (city-car, luxury-car and truck) which were evaluated in a live demonstration event, held in September 2004 at the closing of the project. This paper aims to present the results from the evaluation of the developed driver fatigue monitoring system in both simulation and real-road environment, using all three test vehicles. Results are related to various parameters such as: performance, reliability, usefulness, user acceptance on the various HMI elements and are finally compared between the different environments (simulation, real-road) and the different test vehicles. In addition conclusions are drawn in terms of: knowledge gained, lessons learned, strengths and weaknesses within the 3 years of its research life, and how this knowledge may be used in further research in order to break the barriers and develop an independent low cost system that may be applied in all driving scenarios and for all driver groups. This roadmap is applied within the SubProject 4 of SENSATION (IST-507231) Integrated Project, aiming to develop multisensorial applications that may be applied not only for drivers but for various critical operators’ (air-traffic controllers, crane operators, air-fighters) that are susceptible to accidents in case of fatigue

Ministry of Transport and Communications - Road Safety in Norway Strategy 2002û2011 - 35pg

The Ministry of Transport and Communications presented the transport policy document National Transport Plan 2002-2011 to the Norwegian Parliament on 29 September 2000. The plan was adopted by the Parliament on 15 February 2001. The policy document includes all transport sectors, and special attention is given to road safety. The Ministry of Transport and Communications chose to in parallel with the presentation of the policy document to highlight the area of road safety through the road safety plan Road Safety Strategy 2002-2011. This English summary of the Road Safety Strategy 2002-2011 takes into account divergent views of the Parliament (in the period 1997-2001) and the Government in office in the area of road safety. The summary also includes necessary updates; e.g. dates onto which regulations enter into force.

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