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-Ministry of Transport and Communications - Road Safety 2006-2010 - 52pg +==== Ministry of Transport and Communications - Road Safety 2006-2010 - 52pg ==== 
-{{:​pollution_lumineuse:​ministry_of_transport_and_communications_-_road_safety_2006-2010_-_52pg.pdf|}}+\\ This Programme has been prepared by the Consultative Committee on 
 +Road Safety, and it is designed to achieve an improvement in road 
 +safety in the period 2006 to 2010. Safety is a primary concern in all 
 +forms of transport. In road traffic, too, the guiding vision is that 
 +fatalities and serious injuries will be avoided altogether. 
 +The vision is made more specific by focusing on the target of 
 +reducing annual traffic fatalities to fewer than 100 by the year 2025: 
 +this would be one quarter of the present figure. Attaining this target will 
 +require carefully programmed development work and the active 
 +acceptance of shared responsibility in improving the transport system. 
 +Better cooperation is required between the organizations and other 
 +parties involved in these efforts. Road users themselves must also take 
 +their own share of the responsibility,​ both individually and collectively. 
 +\\ {{:​pollution_lumineuse:​ministry_of_transport_and_communications_-_road_safety_2006-2010_-_52pg.pdf|}}
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